Name terrence a GLASSMAN, M. Arch.
victoria ann JOHNSON, M.A.

Purpose & Mission

  Unlocking Universal and Personal Mysteries of Life and Time.

  Providing a new, uplifting, educational and therapeutic model
of life combining Cycles of Earth, Patterns of Time and Stages
of Human Development.

  Combining scientific discoveries and design principles with
practical, compassionate, effective processes for personal
growth and transformation.

  Helping people find purpose and meaning by viewing their life
as an integral part of the natural order of the Universe.

  Enlightening, inspiring and empowering people to discover
and manifest their unique, divine essence in the world.

  Creating a new, synergistic understanding of life by Integrating complementary disciplines and professional expertise.

Message from Terrence:

Throughout my academic and professional career as an architect, a college professor and as a design scientist, I have explored patterns. I was searching for a comprehensive strategy for creating healthy environments that nurture the development of human potential. This led me to the study of developmental psychology. I explored the underlying patterns and principles that govern the universe and affect people’s lives. I have created a new model of time representing the pattern of cyclical time and made an important discovery, the pattern of life, DNA, and the pattern integrity of time are one and the same.

Message from Victoria:

During my social psychology and counseling psychology studies, behavioral patterns were of special interest to me. As a marriage and family therapist and psychological consultant I observed repetitive emotional and behavioral patterns with individuals and families. I developed my therapeutic Three A Model to help them discover and change unconscious and unproductive patterns. When I studied patterns in nature, I was fascinated by the beauty of vines as I observed them growing to their full, innate potential as they spiraled upward towards their energy source, the sun. I viewed life in the same way, as divine spirals, with life evolving upward in a beautiful, ascending, spiraling pattern of growth.

Both Terrence and Victoria have searched to find answers to universal and personal mysteries, to understand themselves and other people better, and to develop helpful, effective methods for addressing personal and planetary challenges.

The combining of Victoria’s realization with Terrence’s new model of time led to the realization that time and life, like DNA, are spiraling upward in an evolving, ascending pattern and are not running down and out. Viewing life spiraling upward and ascending can help you perceive and live your life in a hopeful, constructive and evolving way. They invite you to explore this view and perception of life and receive the gifts and blessings it contains.

Terrence and Victoria combined their discoveries, complementary disciplines and professional expertise in their co-creation of the DAETRIX® LifeCycle Transformational Process. Together they share their insights with you through their website, books, presentations, workshops, and products. It is truly their desire for it to be inspiring and helpful for you, and for their work to contribute to personal and planetary transformation and evolution.

© 2012 Terrence A. Glassman & Victoria Ann Johnson • all rights reserved.