"Architect of Time"

Terrence A. Glassman, M. Arch.

Author: DAETRIX LifeCycle Handbook,
          A Guide to Personal Growth & Transformation.

Design Scientist, Architect, Educator, Futurist, Author & Inventor. Professor of Architecture & Founding Faculty Member: SCI-Arc, Southern California Institute of Architecture. Founding Director: IFS, Institute for Future Studies & WDC, Wholistic Design Center. Co-Director of the award winning team that designed the U.S. Space Station Crew Quarters for NASA. A "Practical Visionary" dedicated to making the world work for all humanity through Design Science. Recipient: awards, grants & patents for visionary designs & inventions. Professional Degrees: UC Berkeley, Harvard / MIT.

  contact: terrence@daetrixtime.com

Victoria Ann Johnson, M.A.

Author: Johnson's Emotional First Aid, How to Increase Your Happiness, Peace & Joy; Dandelion, The Lion Who Meowed. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist / Psychological Consultant. Created PLAYWORKS: an Educational Creative Therapy, "making complex issues simple, abstract concepts concrete, & combining 'ahas' and 'ha-has'." Delights in helping people discover their unique essence, turn emotional "holes" into "wholeness" & spiral upward on a personal path of transformation. President: Share, Inc. Past Coordinator: Soouth Florida Association for Humanistic Psychology. Professional Degrees: Social Psychology & Counseling Psychology. Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.

contact: victoria@daetrixtime.com
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