“It’s time, but not as we know it!”
- The London Observer
“The pattern of life, DNA, and the pattern integrity of time
are one and the same.” - Terrence A. Glassman

DAETRIX® introduces a revolutionary new color coded calendar that displays time as an ascending spiral. This reflects the pattern of cyclical time emerging & evolving as our "Spaceship Earth" proceeds in it's annual orbit around the Sun.

DAETRIX® displays an entire year in a concise, efficient format eliminating the 12 month repetition & redundancy of traditional calendars. DAETRIX® does "the most with the least," consolidating the entire year into a date matrix, revealing the underlying spiral pattern of cyclical time. Embedded within the 3-D spiral lies the double helix of DNA.

"The pattern of life, DNA, and the pattern integrity of time are one and the same!"

DAETRIX® introduces a new paradigm of time. It replaces the traditional, analytic, descending pattern of linear time with an innovative, synergistic, ascending model of cyclical time. By stimulating both left & right brain hemispheres DAETRIX® fosters creative, lateral, "out of the box" thinking, promotes pattern recognition & incorporates multiple intelligence principles.

"It's time, but not as we know it!" ~ The London Observer

There are seven (7) colors in the DAETRIX® system. Each month is represented by one of these colors determined by the first day of the month:

Months that start on the same day of the week are the same color & follow the same pattern sequence. In 2012, January, April & July all begin on a Sunday, so they are red.

2013 DAETRIX Calendar

Select a date (June 21, 2013) then follow these steps:
MONTHS (Jan-Dec) are color coded & listed vertically in ascending order.
Find the color that represents the selected month.
(June - violet)

DATES of the Month (1-31) are listed vertically in ascending order.
Find the selected date (21) & then locate the violet dot to the right.

DAYS of the Week (SMTWTFS) are displayed
horizontally across the top of each column.
Find the day at the top of the column above the violet dot. (Friday)

Thus, June 21, 2013, the Summer Solstice, is on a Friday.

Time is ascending & evolving
NOT running down & running out
as typical calendars show it!

We’re NOT running out of TIME!

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