"Quite impressive material - all put together in such a small package. It seems like the working gears of the universal mind. I always like to meet a true Renaissance man."

~ Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D., Author of TimeShifting
Cofounder & Chairman of the Board of Omega Institute

"Way outside the nine Dots! A truly brilliant shift in paradigms for the transformational traveler."

~ Robert Reiher, Ph.D., Educational & Media Psychologist, Author of KIDNAPPED: How Irresponsible Marketeers are Stealing the Minds of Your Children

"The DAETRIX calendar is a brilliantly elegant way to show cycling time day by day and year by year without the hindrance of our awkwardly uneven calendar months that give no clue to the smooth progression of time as Earth spirals its way through our Galaxy and all space. In a simple geometric design, you can find any day of each year at a glance, while the DAETRIX LifeCycle Handbook helps you track your own path through life's cycles depending on the year you were born. A terrific way to teach time to young and old alike. I love it!"

~ Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D., Evolution Biologist Author of EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution

"I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand watching the video, The Spiral of Life. I couldn't think of a more beautiful, peaceful and appropriate place to view this video! Wow!!! I so enjoyed it! I got a lot of value and plan to have my daughters view it. I am extremely intrigued and can see you've created something extraordinary! Thank you for this wonderful gift."

~ Angelo D'Amelio, Landmark Forum Trainer

"Daetrix offers a wonderful, colorful, new visual model of the entire lifespan. It is a practical tool for life and longevity that exemplifies the Bragg philosophy and teachings for living a long, healthy, happy life."

~ Dr. Patricia Bragg, Health Crusader, Author, Bragg Health Books

"I wanted to let you both know I enjoyed Daetrix. The theory of it is quite enlightening. It gave me a whole new perspective on the theory of time. I had never thought about it in the way you put it together. My work with the Spiral really gave me insight into my past, and why some things happened when they did in my life according to where I was on the timeline of the Spiral. It also helped me project where I would like to be in the future. It was a very gentle and non-threatening approach. I found it highly therapeutic and would recommend it to others. Thanks to both of you for your wisdom in creating this." ~ Michael Raiman

"The awakening. Wake up. Look at this, what is happening over and over. It brings attention to your decision making. You look at everything. A tool to help you take your power back as you go forward in life." ~ Shirley lipski

"In the LifeCycle Handbook, the three-act play of life, from childhood to adolescence, to adulthood, can be seen to unfold in a variety of time frames and sequences, and with repeat performances. The knowledge of one's own pattern and that of others, creates a new level of understanding that leads to greater self-confidence and empathy as we act out our own play on the complex stage of planet Earth." ~ Jan Sircus

"I thoroughly enjoyed my LifeCycle experience. It was truly an honor to see my entire life on the Spiral with such a gentle, loving guide. Victoria seemed to hold my hand as we walked through the garden of my life and watched the flowers blossom with such insight. I am ever so grateful to have had this joyful journey."

~ Gillian Rothchild, Author, Dear Mom and Dad

"Wow! It was like being there again, especially understanding more deeply how you, in a down to earth way, presented such lofty concepts. I'm looking forward to viewing it again for the opportunity for yet more in-depth understanding. Basically, it's quite simple, the more you love the more you evolve, visa versa. Coupling it with DNA, time cycles is amazing. Thank you so much!" ~ Phil Trask, DDS, Professor, UCLA

"Mind blowing. Affirming. The awareness, the clarity of it, and how true! For me it's awesome." ~ Sal Morello

"Watching the DVD, I was reminded of what a brilliant, clear teacher you are. This presentation really inspired me. It is very moving to see Bucky's LifeCycle Spiral. I am so grateful for the dvd and will watch it again. You are presenting a new perspective / point of view / paradigm for people." ~ Binnie A. Dansby

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