Fully illustrated in color  

DAETRIX LifeCycle Handbook

A Guide to Personal Growth & Transformation
by Terrence A. Glassman, M. Arch.
  Practical: easy to use, concise, scientific guide to personal growth.
exposes the profound relationship between human development & the Earth's transit through the cosmos.
  Innovative: a (r)evolutionary new model of human development.
reveals your unique DAETRIX LifeCycle Pattern & explains your individual positive growth process.
  Inspiring: reveals the emergence of global consciousness.
  Empowering:a practical tool for re-patterning your life.
Includes all 28 DAETRIX LifeCycle Patterns.
  Transformational: learn to release fear & "live in possibility."

"We are all astronauts on board a little spaceship called Earth."
~ R. Buckminster Fuller

The DAETRIX® LifeCycle Handbook is a practical guide that reveals your LifeCycle Pattern ® & is a tool for personal empowerment & transformation. It is intended to facilitate a shift in consciousness by reframing our life experience in a larger context, the cyclical transit pattern of Spaceship Earth. We are an integral function of the Universe endowed with unique individual interests & talents. Self actualization & well being is the result of living in harmony with this unique essence. We can manifest our life purpose by choosing to live in the realm of possibility rather than in limitation. Our success depends on our integrity. Buckminster Fuller defined INTEGRITY as the ability to recognize the TRUTH, and the COURAGE to live the truth. The only way to effectively change the world is by changing ourselves.

"We must be the change we wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Book Review

DAETRIX® LifeCycle Handbook
A Guide to Personal Growth & Transformation
Author: Terrence A. Glassman, M. Arch.

Terrence Glassman's new book represents a breakthrough in understanding the link between human development and our environment. Trained as an architect and described as a "practical visionary," Glassman combines professional skills with his futuristic vision. He was chosen by NASA to lead a team that created an award winning design for the US Space Station Crew Quarters, because of his multidisciplinary expertise in "creating healthy environments to nurture the development of human potential." As passengers and crew on board what Buckminster Fuller called "Spaceship Earth," Glassman helps us understand the connection between our life and the cycles of the Earth, and developed the first comprehensive theory of human development that incorporates Earth's cycles.

Based on the principle of pattern recognition, Glassman created an innovative, practical, scientific model that provides an overview of one's life. It depicts life as a 120-year ascending spiral and reflects his unique DAETRIX® Calendar system, which correlates with the DNA double helix. Time is presented as an emergent pattern, constantly unfolding rather than running down.

Integrating the cycles of Spaceship Earth, patterns of time and stages of human development, Glassman created a "(r)evolutionary" new guide for personal growth and transformation. This concise handbook is skillfully presented in two sections. The first section sets the stage by discussing the context. The second section introduces the uniquely original LifeCycle Patterns. It can be seen as a travel guide describing our voyage through the universe. The handbook is beautifully illustrated and filled with colorful, revealing, useful diagrams created by Glassman.

Glassman explains that our life is made up of patterns and cycles. The constant motion of the Earth defines cycles as it revolves on axis, orbits the sun and travels through space. The annual orbit around the sun and the four seasons serve to organize our life into repetitive cycles. There is also a 28-year period known as the Solar Cycle. Thus, every 28 years we complete one cycle and begin a new one. "This can be regarded as a rebirth or renewal. While every 28 years we arrive at the same point in the time cycle pattern, each time we experience that point at a potentially higher level of consciousness. This explains how we evolve in consciousness while we revolve in space."

Based on the Earth's 28-year Solar Cycle, each LifeCycle Pattern is displayed as a time pattern sequence. The stages of human development are overlaid on this framework. Glassman describes human growth and development as a life long process. The LifeCycle Pattern identifies the stages that make up each cycle and the significant years of transition between these stages and cycles. An explanation accompanies each LifeCycle Pattern to help the reader understand and apply the information. The DAETRIX® LifeCycle Pattern provides an overview of life, which facilitates personal insight and leads to greater understanding. It offers a tool for discovering the emergent patterns in your life, and reframes life in a larger context by revealing that our life "is an integral function of the order of the universe."

As we ascend through progressive cycles, we sometimes encounter challenges. Glassman describes these as learning opportunities. "As we complete each lesson, we ascend along the path to a higher level of consciousness or spiritual development." This larger perspective is empowering, allowing you to view your life as the "objective observer" or the "divine witness." He postulates "as we evolve individually toward higher levels of consciousness, we contribute to the emergence of global consciousness which will ultimately lead to global transformation."

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