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The Spiral of Life
A Transformational Process

LifeCycle Handbook

A Guide to Personal
Growth & Transformation

LifeCycle Spiral +
Personal Consultation

Wall Calendar (12" x 18")
Poster (20" x 30")

DNA of Time

(4" x 6")

• Wallet Card
• Key Ring
• Magnets

(2" x 3.5")

DAETRIX® LifeCycle Handbook, A Guide to Personal Growth & Transformation -

Beautifully designed, bursting with brilliant discoveries, INsights & colorful illustrations.
A practical, scientific, easy to use guide. Discover your personal LifeCycle Pattern© & positive growth process. (4” x 6”) full color glossy card stock w/ coil binding, 77 pgs.

$ 19.95

The Spiral of Life, A Transformational Process© (DVD) -

See a profound new way to view & understand your life & practical tools for personal growth & transformation. Viewing life as an ascending, evolving Spiral reframes life in an UPlifting, new context. (60 min.)

$ 14.95

DAETRIX LifeCycle Handbook© & Spiral of Life© (DVD) -

Two Timing! Show & tell! Time & Time Again you can look and listen with a DVD & book twosome opportunity. See the personal & universal, practical & theoretical process. Find your LifeCycle Pattern©.

$ 29.95

DAETRIX® LifeCycle Spiral Diagram© & Personal Consultation -

A unique personal growth & transformation opportunity! Take Time out for Timely INsight through an innovative, enlightening, empowering process. Have a dynamic OVERview of your life. A Certified LifeCycle Expert© will guide you through a process of Self discovery and INvisioning with your personalized, custom-made LifeCycle Spiral© during a skype, in-person or telephone consultation. Contact for fees & appointments.

DAETRIX® DNA of Time 2013 Calendar Products

DAETRIX® DNA of Time Calendar -

A compact, convenient, innovative, (r)evolutionary NEW, colorfully designed calendar. Discover the profound relationship between Time & DNA.
(4" x 6") full color glossy card stock

DAETRIX® DNA of Time Desktop Calendar -

Brighten your desktop or any location with this colorfully artistic calendar in a standing frame. See Time spiraling uP, not running down & out. (4" x 6")

$ 7.95

$ 12.95

DAETRIX® DNA of Time Calendar Key Ring -

Keys to Timely dates, cycles & patterns. Carry your keys & the Calendar 2gether in
this durable, clear, visable plastic key ring. (2" x 3.5")

DAETRIX® Calendar Wallet Card -

A colorful Calendar with dates of holidays, Time changes, equinoxes & solstices in
a small, handy size. Carry it with you to find and remind yourself of your important
dates and Times. (2" x 3.5")

$ 10.95

$ .95

DAETRIX® DNA of Time Calendar Magnet -

Save Time! Find any day of the year quickly and easily! Keep this colorful, decorative, compact calendar close for quick & handy visability. (2" x 3.5")

DAETRIX® DNA of Time Holidays Magnet -

Holidays & celebrations! Be on Time! See & know the dates & Times so you won't miss any of them. Includes Time changes, equinoxes & solstices.(2" x 3.5")

$ 9.95

$ 9.95
DAETRIX® DNA of Time Wall Calendar -

An innovative, (r)evolutionary NEW, colorfully designed calendar. Discover the profound relationship between Time & DNA. Full color glossy print suitable for framing.
Available in two sizes.

12" x 18" -

20" x 30" -
$ 14.95 $ 29.95
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