"We shall not cease from
exploration, and the end of all
our exploring will be to arrive
where we started and know the
place for the first time."
T. S. Eliot

The DAETRIX® LifeCycle Spiral is an original, unique way to view your entire life. It includes the years you have already lived and your future years. Placing your emotionally significant life events on a DAETRIX® LifeCycle Spiral gives you an overview of your life and leads to valuable insights and understanding. There are benefits and blessings to be realized, gifts received and acknowledged, dreams and heart's desires rediscovered, talents and accomplishments celebrated, and places emotionally incomplete discovered.

Focusing on the same point in each recurring cycle helps you discover your recurring patterns and where they began. Viewing and reflecting on your personalized DAETRIX® LifeCycle Spiral as an objective observer or divine witness, without judgment, can be a transformative experience. It helps you see the marvelously unique person you are, and realize all your life experiences are an important part of your personal evolution.

Some life choices and decisions are made consciously based on present circumstances and facts. Others are made unconsciously, based on past experiences and the beliefs, emotions, behaviors and patterns from the past. Seeing and becoming aware of the repetitive patterns and things in your life that are not productive is the first step in making changes. Therapeutic processes can help you release emotions, change your beliefs, decisions, behaviors and patterns that no longer serve you, and help you make decisions that are more rewarding and fulfilling for who you are now. Facing and assessing your challenges realistically and using them as vehicles for your growth by finding the learning lessons and blessings they contain helps you evolve.

It is beneficial to contemplate and INvision how you want the rest of your life to be and make a Plan of Action to make it your reality. After you INvision, an outer vision is created on the portion of the DAETRIX® LifeCycle Spiral representing your future. Placing words, symbols, colors, and pictures expressing the essence and form of your desired future on your Spiral gives you a visual representation to help you make it your reality. Appreciate, love and praise yourself for who you are, what you have done, for the life lessons you have learned, and the ways you have grown and evolved!

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