DAETRIX LifeCycle Transformational Workshop

  • INvision your life as a perfect expression of the natural Order of the Universe.
  • Gain OVERview, INsight & UNDERstanding of your unique LifeCycle Process™.
  • Re-frame your life in a NEW context. Be the Objective Observer/Divine Witness.
  • Discover emergent & repetitive PATTERNS in your life.
  • Heal & transform emotional HOLES into WHOLENESS.
  • Learn to release limitations & embrace expanded POSSIBILITIES.
  • Remember who YOU truly are! Celebrate the wonder & mystery of yourSELF!
  • View your life in a WHOLE new way!

"Innovative"      •     "Original"      •     "Unique"

The Universal & Personal, Theoretical & Practical aspects of DAETRIX® are introduced in a dynamic, multi-media presentation. Gain a new perspective on your life using the DAETRIX LifeCycle Spiral™ with an experiential, interactive, creative process. INvision the future you wish to create and establish a plan of action to make it your reality. This beneficial process is therapeutic for challenges and changes at any stage of life and educational for individuals and health care professionals.

For dates & locations or to sponsor a workshop contact: info@daetrixtime.com

DAETRIX® LifeCycle Transformational Workshop

Join us for an inspiring, transformative personal experience on a guided journey of reflective, creative and interactive processes in a safe, supportive setting. In a dynamic, multi-media presentation see how time and your life evolve in a spiraling, ascending pattern. As you spiral upward with each lifecycle, you can evolve into higher awareness and greater love. Gain an OVERview of your life for increased INsight and UNDERstanding. INvision the future you wish to create and develop an action plan to make it your reality. This is a powerful, new process that introduces practical tools for your personal growth and transformation.

  1. Explore, discover & celebrate yourself in a safe, comfortable, supportive setting.
  2. Learn how your life, like DNA, is an ascending, evolving Spiral & see yourself as an integral function of the natural order of the Universe.
  3. Learn the unique, innovative DAETRIX® LifeCycle Process, the first model of life combining cycles of the earth, patterns of time & stages of human development.
  4. Apply your significant life events to your DAETRIX® LifeCycle Spiral using color, words & images to create an OVERview of your life.
  5. Identify emergent & repetitive patterns in your life & discover transition points that offer opportunities to create the positive growth & change you desire.
  6. Recognize the gifts, benefits & blessings in your life. Celebrate your accomplish- ments & talents & rediscover your dreams & heart's desires. Discover patterns & emotionally incomplete experiences in need of healing & forgiveness.
  7. Share UNDERstanding & INsights in a nurturing, compassionate, supportive group environment.
  8. Learn to heal & transform emotional "Holes" into "Wholeness," make desired changes & INtegrate all your emotionally significant life events through individual & group interactive processes.
  9. Acknowledge, praise & appreciate yourself for who you are, what you've done & for the lessons you've learned. Express gratitude to those who've been important in your life.
  10. INvision your desired future, apply a representation of it to your Spiral, make an Action Plan & share it with an "Encouragement Partner" for later Follow-UP.
  11. Share a group Celebratory Circle with inspirational, UPlifting music, movement & colorful DAETRIX® LifeCycle Spiral animation.

Workshop Facilitators:

Terrence A. Glassman, M. Arch., college professor, creative visionary, inventor & author will introduce the universal & theoretical principles of the DAETRIX® LifeCycle Process.

Victoria Ann Johnson, M.A., licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, author & group dynamics specialist will lead you through practical processes for personal discovery & transformation.

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